About Us

SaferBoater is a 501(c)3, South Carolina based boating foundation, professionally focused on developing and training safer and more competent boaters.

We are a(n) :

  • Accredited US Sailing School
  • Accredited US Powerboating School
  • Accredited NSBC School
  • Certified DNR Partner
  • Certified BoatUS Partner
  • Certified NASBLA Partner

We can issue Domestic & International Certifications

  • Sailing IPC's 
  • Motor Yacht IPC's 
  • State Education Certifications (Licenses valid in all 50 states)

IPC's ( International Proficiency Certifications ) are valid in over 30 countries and recognized by the EU for chartering boats in their waters


We are SaferBoater.org, a 501(c)3, South Carolina-based non-profit focused on enhancing education for the boating industry.  We are a group of safe boating advocates and instructors dedicated to helping new boat drivers navigate the waterways safely.

It would be unthinkable to allow a new person to read a book about driving a car or flying a plane, and then handing them the keys once they felt like they understood what it might be like to operate those machines.  Yet, that is exactly what happens when it comes to boating.

Not only is boating a wonderful sport, it is also an opportunity for families and friends to enjoy the great outdoors together.   However, boating has changed.  Gone are the days of taking the helm from Dad in clear waters.  In today's crowded waterways, situations arise, where knowing how to maneuver quickly and expertly through close calls could mean the difference between life and death.  But basic boater safety training means protecting your life, your loved ones, and avoiding friends departing too soon in an unnecessary and gruesome way.

SaferBoater Captains don’t work for glory or great money. They work because they enjoy sharing their love of the water with newcomers.

Twenty years ago, most captains would gladly work on the weekends and holidays. As the waterways have become more crowded, captains have witnessed more and more crazy happenings daily, and the laid back boating climate has changed.   In the old days, Captains would gladly work for a premium on a holiday.  But with more untrained boaters on the water, holiday have became more dangerous, and a large majority of professional captains now feel that working a holiday means taking their lives in their hands.

Our goal, through our boater education & training courses, it so educate all boaters, new and those of moderate ability, by teaching both the Rules of the Road, as well as practical on the water boat handling skills.

Will you join us in our endeavor and save nearly 3,000 people from unnecessary death and injury in the coming year?

Accredited US Sailing & US Powerboating School

We are a group of safe boating advocates and trainers dedicated to helping new boat drivers navigate the waterways.

It is not hard to find feeds of the craziness happening. Boat fail videos are trending up. There are plenty of real-life examples and videos of the craziness you see on the waterways. That prompted us to learn to be the best training organization we can be. We recruited experienced captains that enjoy teaching, put them through rigid training and qualification courses, and have built the best team on the east coast to train you to drive a boat, power, or sail, big or small. We provide a structured educational program that builds a foundation for the skills and knowledge to be safe and enjoy years of boating memories with fewer nightmares.

Our instructors are certified with the highest instructor certification you can obtain. Our courses range from on-the-water instruction from three hours to 56 hours, depending on your objective. NASBLA approves the certifications we offer for all 50 states. The higher-level yacht programs, in power or sail, are recognized by the European Union and are honored in 25 countries worldwide as an International Certificate of Competency, the highest qualification a non-professional can receive. It allows you to rent a yacht without a captain for yourself and your family. It is accepted where a USCG 6 OUPV is not. US Powerboating is the ONLY certification recognized at their level in the US. We would love the opportunity to share our knowledge and love of the waterways with you and help you build the skills and knowledge you are looking to obtain.

We welcome and congratulate you on your journey to a lifetime of fun in the sun, wind, and waves. Here is to many years of happy and safe boating!

National safe boating council