Andy Larson, Chief Marketing Officer

  I am an Entrepreneur & Crusader, and represent SaferBoater in the capacity of Chief Marketing Officer.  Around Charleston, I am known as "Charleston's Connector"

  I have spent nearly 25 years in the financial software sector and was one of Vickie Waller's original entrepreneurial FastStart students,  a program that helped launch my career into several entrepreneurial ventures.
  The mission of SaferBoater speaks directly to me because I was the very person that SaferBoater is meant to help.  When I bought my first boat at 28, I had no training, no experience, and no idea what I was doing.  Over time I learned, but there were a number of anxious moments during my journey.
  I was fortunate because the waterways in Charleston in the early 2000s were relatively clear, as compared to the waterways of today.
  With the increased boat traffic, spike in first-time boat ownership, the uptick of accidents, fatalities and lawsuits across the United States, and the fear of ending up on YouTube or a 'BoatFail' website, it is now more important than ever to be properly trained on how to drive a boat.


Formal Education :
    • MBA in Finance, Entrepreneurship - University of Georgia
    • BS in Management Information Systems - Auburn University



Andy Larson