Chad McPeters, Art Director

My name is Chad McPeters and Tidewater Creative Media is my passion much more than my business.

With the help of some crazy talented people, I strive every day to deliver on our promise to deliver you what you deserve...increased opportunity to succeed.

The son of two photographers, I am a very proud disabled vet limited by virtually nothing.
A trained marine biologist, an experienced publisher and a skilled creative, I built TCM out of love ... and necessity. If you met my incredible wife, our 2 amazing young daughters and my mini-me son, you’d know why my team and I are excited to do whatever it takes. Even though we continue to grow exponentially, you have our word that we’ll never be so big that our commitment to personalized attention wavers even the slightest.

But enough about me.
Tidewater Creative Media is all about you and your company’s story. Shouldn’t we get to telling it now?