Become a SaferBoater Captain

It's a great way to earn fantastic income around your flexible schedule.

While captains tend to have slow cold-weather months in the fall and winter, this is an excellent opportunity to earn extra money training.  You can start with only 4 days a month, and request more as your schedule allows.

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Meet Our Captains

SaferBoater Captains MUST :

  • Maintain a valid USCG Captains License if teaching in the Ocean
  • Have 100-ton USCG license to operate yachts (27 - 100+')
  • Have 10+ years of experience if teaching on a lake
  • Have Interest in Teaching
  • Be patient and good with Kids

SaferBoater Captains Should :

  • Own of a Boat 18-26 Feet for our small boat programs
  • Be Professional with the ability to run PowerPoint
  • Available 1-2 weekends per month - small boats
  • Available 1 -2 weeks a month for yachts

Hiring in these locations:

 US Nationwide