Safe Powerboat Handling

$950/OB - $1,900/YB

OB = Our Boat | YB = Your boat

Duration: 2 days

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How to Book this US Powerboat Class:

Choose a Public class on our boat, or a Private class on your boat.

Public classes on our boat require a minimum of 3 participants. SaferBoater will arrange an alternative schedule if that minimum has not been met.

Private classes on your personal boat consist of 2 or 4 participants (10yrs & over).

Safe Power Boat Handling

Our Famous 'Original' Course

This popular course takes place over two consecutive days, where the 16-hour curriculum is taught in several alternating sessions - first in a classroom and then on a Boat!  This hands-on training approach dominates the boring classroom-only or online styles other schools use.

You will earn your NASBLA, DNR & US Powerboating Certificates in this US Powerboating course. These three licenses give you the equivalent of a Boating License, which makes you eligible to rent & operate boats in all 50 States.

This course is for anyone who wants to learn how to safely operate a 25' or less powerboat and improve their boat-handling skills.

Did you know?  Mention this course to your insurance company to reduce your boat insurance premiums.

Certification Information:
This certified course includes a book curriculum, on-the-water boat handling skills and a test.  Successful completion qualifies you for a Boater Education Certification Card that is valid to rent and operate boats in all 50 States.

Learn More about our Certifications.


Prerequisites: None Required!
Recommended Age: 10 - Adult
Location : Your boat or Ours!

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All classes are 16 hours and include:

Classroom Sessions  

Starting and Safety
Safety, preparation & weather
Maneuvering concepts

Boating Equipment
Registration & capacities
Equipment requirements
Preparation & fueling procedures

Navigation and Rules of Driving
Navigation rules of the road

Aids to Navigation and Environmental Regs
Aids to navigation
Environment regulations

Exam Review Session
Review for the Final Exam (separate session)

On-the-Water Boat Lessons

On-The Water (Deck Hand)
Engine & electrical systems
Starting procedures

Leaving & returning to a slip
Close-quarters maneuvers

On-The Water (Deck Hand)
Steering a range
Proceeding to a destination
Person in Water rescue

Final Exam Skill

Certified Drivers License, Certified in all states!
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