On-The-Water Training

Make the commitment to develop your skills, embrace your love of boating, and join our boating community as a safe & confident boater.  Your family and friends will love you for it!

Welcome to the Boating Community!

If you are new to the exciting world of boating, it helps to have a trusted guide that you can rely on for expert advice on building your confidence, knowledge & skills.

At SaferBoater, we have hundreds of elite USCG-Certified  Master Captains teaching our standardized on-the-water training programs to people just like you.

You will learn everything you need to know about safety and boat handling so you have the confidence and skill to keep your family safe as you enjoy the freedom a new boat brings.

For Beginners- our four 3hr Skill Builder Modules are an excellent way to learn about safety, rules, and boat handling to build your confidence and skill.

For More Experienced Boaters- our Personalized Skill-Builder courses allow you to focus on the specific areas you want to develop.  These include docking, trailering, advanced maneuvers & skill refreshers.


Women-only boating courses offer a supportive environment to build skills and confidence. Expert instructors provide tailored guidance, empowering women to become proficient boaters. Join a class today and embrace the adventure of boating!


We remain open Year-Round and our instructors boast the highest level of certifications & training in the industry.


As an internationally accredited Training School, you have access to a wide variety of education classes, certification opportunities, and personalized skill-building training.


All courses are taught on the water, with classes ranging from 3 to 46 hours, depending on the level of skill or certification desired.

"There is nothing – absolutely nothing – half so much worth doing as simply messing about in boats.”

- Kenneth Grahame

"The instruction was excellent. High quality student instruction along with practical real-world application. Plenty of review on tips and techniques." 

- Tim

"Captain Robert Meeker was great. He did an incredible job going through the content and explained everything in a clear and concise manner. Highly recommend for all boaters."

- Scott

Why Choose Us?

The SaferBoater Difference

Any licensed captain can theoretically teach you the basics of how to drive a boat. So why is SaferBoater so succesful in teaching new boat owners?

To start, we offer standardized, certified training courses.  This means you could visit hundreds of our captains and get the same premier boater training, regardless if you attend a class in Maine, Florida, Texas, or Ohio.

Equally as important, you will have the knowledge, capability and legal eligibility required to buy, rent & operate boats in each state that requires a boating license.  As an added benefit, our curriculum will meet the requirements (and even save  you money) with most insurance carriers as well.


SaferBoater students also build practical knowledge quicker because we teach our certification lessons first in a classroom and then on a boat! Our hands-on training approach dominates the old, boring classroom-only or online style used by other schools.

Every course we offer is hands-on and water based, with expert instruction provided by Certified Sailing/Powerboat Instructors.  We empower students with the skills and confidence they need to get more out of their boating experience, all while allowing them to become safer boat operators.

We also hold the distinction of being one of the only accredited schools for US Powerboating and US Sailing in the U.S.

Classes are held year-round, with Specialty Programs catering exclusively to women, families, private groups, teens & youth aged 10+, and first-time boat owners.

So while there may be many boat captains, we have the only standardized system available to turn you from a novice to a confident captain in just a few short days.


As a rigorously Trained & Certified U.S. Sailing School, we are one of only a handful of schools in the entire United States authorized to certify you with both a Sailing and Yacht IPC certification. How you can get certified:

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