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Thanks for checking out our partner page. As you know, South Carolina has the highest per capita boat manufacturing in the US. It makes sense that we lead safety initiatives as well. We are a 501c3 based in Charleston, covering the east coast, focused on on-the-water training.


Our captains are certified through NASBLA, US Powerboating, US Sailing, and NSBC. They have years of experience, have passed rigorous testing on knowledge, skills, and training delivery, and deliver structured classes from 3 - 54 hours. USPowerboating Is the only organization approved by the European Union to issue an IPC - International Proficiency Certificate, recognized at a higher level than the OUPV 6 Pack license outside the US in 38 countries. We are the only company on the east coast teaching the larger powerboats as we train on boats from 17 - 110 feet. 


With the popularity of watersports reaching record levels and the net worth of the average participant climbing, there has never been a better time to get your company and products in front of today's new boater. Our program teaches ages ten and over and is 75% on the water behind the wheel. These certifications allow the new owners to drive their boats without a captain and increase their eligibility to obtain insurance. As a bonus, many providers will discount the insurance. The best gift you are giving your buyers is one you can't put a price tag on; the new owner's ability to drive their new boat confidently and safely as the leader in charge of their family's safety. Less stress makes for a more enjoyable time.

We trained 255 people in our first year with five instructors. We have 15 qualified for this season with expanded reach. 90% of our students are coming to learn to drive a boat and planning to buy one within the next six months. Partnering with us, you are partnering with a group of strong professionals, a structured, consistent training system, and the highest qualifications your customers can obtain. A partnership with SaferBoat will help you build a confident customer base in their boating skills, increasing their safety and comfort level and increasing the chance they are lifetime boaters instead of one-time purchasers.

We look forward to talking more with you about this and deciding the best way to help each other. 

Partnership opportunities:

_ Partner on an in-the-water demo day with dealerships

_ Cross-promote services on our respective websites

_ Add us to your newsletters

_ Join us in commercials to promote safe boating

_ Sponsor instructor training so we can expand

_ Coupons for classes to new boat owners to prepare them for boat ownership

_ Recognition on our website 

_ Press release announcements

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