Boat Trailer Maneuvering

Cost: $125

Location: Charleston, SC
Duration: 2 hrs
Class Size: 4ppl/session


Course TitleStart DateTime
YOUTH Safe Powerboating06/26/20218:00 AM
YOUTH Safe Powerboating07/24/20218:00 AM
Safe Powerboating General06/26/20218:00 AM
Safe Powerboating General07/24/20218:00 AM
Women's Safe Powerboating 06/26/20218:00 AM
Women's Safe Powerboating 07/24/20218:00 AM
Boat Trailer Manuevering06/08/20219:00 AM
Boat Trailer Manuevering06/08/2021Noon
Boat Trailer Manuevering06/08/20212:30 PM
Boat Trailer Manuevering07/13/20219:00 AM
Boat Trailer Manuevering07/13/2021Noon
Boat Trailer Manuevering07/13/20212:30 PM


Come join our US Powerboating certified instructors and confidently master boat ramp and trailering challenges! This 2 hour course (truck and trailer provided) will cover how to trailer your boat safely from vehicle compatibility, the art of towing, trailer maneuvering, parking, ramp mastery, to launch and retrieval of a vessel.

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