Weddings, Anniversaries, & Grand Exits!

With more than 5500 weddings each year in Charleston, making your Wedding and Grand Exit unique can be nothing short of daunting.  But there is still one unique venue that is sure to leave a lasting impression on your guests, with wonderful photos and memories for the two of you to treasure for years to come.

Let our beautiful, well-equipped sailboats be your personal chariot as you sail away to begin a new life together, complete with a bottle of champagne to toast your special day.

Pickup is available from most of the waterfront venues in Charleston.

Wedding Reception Grand Exit

Sending the newly married couple off at the end of the wedding reception is a tradition that dates back centuries (Ancient Roman times). It was a way to end the celebration and signal the couple's new chapter of life together.

Make your getaway on one of our luxury sail boats, and enjoy your first moments alone as husband and wife with peaceful music, amazing scenery, cool sea breeze and a gorgeous sunset.


You can have your entire wedding on a sailboat.

How is that for unique? Can your married friends say the same?

We have many captains trained to perform the wedding!

Complete packages come with chocolate dipped strawberries, champagne and flowers.


Jack & Jill Competition


How about a Fun New Twist on the dull Jack & Jill Party.

You can have One Big Boat Party
Let us host a sailing competition between the Bridesmaids and Groomsmen!

Heck, we can accommondate 80+ so bring the whole wedding party!

Bachelor Outings


ALL Guys like either Racing or Fishing!  So Choose an Adventure!

Gather the guys and let's race sailboats, work out the nerves and create some great memories with your friends before the big event
Experience the fabulous waters teeming with the fish that Charleston is known for. Pick up a case of cold ones, some sunscreen, your groomsmen and make a day of it.

Bridal Showers

bridal shower

Girls just wanna have fun…on a sailboat.

Get dressed up in white linen and have a proper Charleston High Tea,
Strip down and enjoy a sun-drenched day on the water.

Cruise, swim, suntan and relax while taking in the beautiful scenery.

Pick your day & time and make this Bachelorette party memorable.

Anniversary Celebrations


Cruise around the Battery and feel the wind in your hair as you ride past the beautiful scenery around the harbor. Sit back and relax on one of our beautiful Beneteau sailboats. Stay the night dockside, or sail to Beaufort or Hilton Head for a few nights. Both towns are filled with delicious restaurants, beautiful low country scenery and local favorites.

Romantic Getaways (and BECOME a Certified Captain)

Anniversary Cruise to an island

Need a break? Is it time to kick it out of town? Sail away to Edisto, Georgetown, Hilton Head, or Beaufort, with a personal chef. That's right! You even get to take a break from cooking. Wanting to go on a BIG vacation? Sail to Florida with one of our certified captains, and become US Sailing Certified yourself.