Family Powerboating / Private Lessons

Cost: $450

Duration: 3 hrs

Up to 5 Family Members
(Min Age: 10)

Have a New Boat?

How would you like a USCG certified Captain to teach everyone in your family how to drive a boat? 

This water-based hands-on class is an opportunity for the whole family to learn how to drive a boat from a certified professional - think of it as a Driver's Education course for boats.

You have the option to use the captain's boat, or a SaferBoater captain can come to you and teach you on your own boat.

You'll Make Boating Fun Again, when you learn the skills every captain needs to run their own ship.

These private family lessons are designed for boat owners who want to gain knowledge and sailing skills aboard their own vessel.

We can cover specific skills like docking, close quarter maneuvering, sail trim, or systems.

You will learn everything you need to know about operating a boat safely, to reduce the risk of injury, property damage & boating accidents.

Certification courses are also available on your own boat.

(843) 971-0700


Based in South Carolina