NSBC - Precision Docking and Boat Handling

Cost: $249

Module 2
Duration: 3 Hours

(Watch Video for Details)

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Prerequisites: No experience necessary!
Recommended Age: 10 - Adult

Certifications Information:
This skill builder Course does NOT qualify for a Boater Education Certification Card

Traveling or Renting a boat? You probably need to Earn your Boater Driver's License. CLICK HERE 

National safe boating council

National Safe Boating Council - Module 2

This second skill-builder course focuses on Precision Docking and Boat Handling.  You will master the basic handling requirements for common situations on the water, such as dock departure, turning the boat around 180 degrees and docking approaches.

On the Water Sessions  

  • Departing from dock
  • 180-Degree Turnarounds
  • Docking on Port & Starboard
  • Using S.C.A.N. procedures
  • and more...

You will also learn to S.C.A.N. the area, recognize potential hazards and situations, and how to handle each one.

By learning the skills necessary to expertly launch, handle and dock your boat, you will make the water a safer place for yourself, your passengers and other boaters.