National Safe Boating Council

NSBC - Open Water Boat Handling

Open water boat handling

$249/OB - $550/YB

OB = Our Boat | YB = Your boat
Module 3 (3hrs)

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How to Book this Course:
Choose a Public class on our boat, or a Private class on your boat.

Public on-water training on our boat requires a minimum of 3 participants. SaferBoater will arrange an alternative schedule if that minimum has not been met.

Private on-water training takes place on your personal boat for up to 4 participants (10yrs & over). One participant will be registered for the entire group.

NSBC - Module 3

This third skill-builder course focuses on real-world boating handling situations on the open water, learn to read navigational signals, and learn how to avoid over-steering and course correction issues when traveling a long distance.

You will also learn how to land and depart from the shoreline instead of a deep water dock, and you will learn how to maintain position while battling the wind and waves

On the Water Session

  • Utilizing boat trim
  • Displacement & Planning
  • Ferrying
  • Emergency Stops
  • Land and depart from the shoreline
  • Maintain Position in wind
  • Collision Avoidance
  • and more...

You will also learn to S.C.A.N. the area, negotiate safety and collision avoidance situations, recognize potential hazards and situations, and how to handle each one.

By learning these advanced boating and navigational skills, you will be more confident and thus safer on the open water, which in turn will create a more enjoyable experience for both your passengers and other boaters.

Prerequisites: No experience necessary!
Recommended Age: 10 - Adult

Certifications Information:
This skill builder course is Module 3 of a 4-Module study. Completing all modules, along with this online curriculum and test, qualifies you for a Boater Education Certification Card that is valid to rent and operate boats in all 50 States.

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