Safe Power Boat Handling

IPC Yacht Moving & Training Package

THE IPC Yacht Certification Process

(Yachts 26 ft - 100 ft)

(Watch Videos for Details)

Prerequisites: Training Provided on Your Yacht
Equipment: Minimum 34' with single or twin screws
Restrictions: Up to 4 Students
Duration: 44 Hours

Ready to Learn HOW to Drive a Yacht?
Our instructors can travel to you and teach you on your yacht.

We can Move your Yacht to another location or just cruise up and down the coast. Either way, you get to be part of the crew.

During the trip, you will learn the curriculum of all 3 courses:

  • Basic Powerboat Cruising
  • Inshore Powerboat Cruising
  • Night Operations 

Up to 4 people can be trained during the trip.

An IPC certification will be issued, provided that you pass the required IPC Exam.

Did you know?  Without these certifications, you may find it difficult to impossible to locate an insurance company that will cover you and your boat without  employing a full-time licensed captain.

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IPC Course Curriculum

Course 1 : Basic Powerboat Cruising

Equipment - Minimum 26' with Single or Twin Screws

· Basic Boat Handling
· Maneuvers
· Systems
· Anchoring
· Safety
· Weather
· Navigation Rules
· Navigation Aids
· Command & Control
· Knots & Line Handling
· Charts & Symbols
· Powerboat Theory
· Emergency Procedures

Course 2 : Inshort Powerboat Cruising

Equipment - Minimum 34’ with single or twin screws 

· Intermediate Boat handling
· Maneuvers
· Systems
· Spring Lines
· Anchoring ( two anchors, powercat bridle )
· Mooring
· Command & Control
· Provisioning
· Cruise Planning
· Piloting
· Radar (optional)
· Use of Navigation Publications
· Documentation
· Emergency Procedures
· Dinghy Management

Course 3 : Night Operations

Equipment - Minimum 34’ with single or twin screws 

· Preparation
· Night Navigation Planning
· Night Systems and Procedures
· Night Vision Factors
· Leave and Return to Dock/Slip
· Leave and Enter Harbor
· Identify Vessel Traffic & Aids to Navigation
· Simulated PIW Rescue