Powerboats - Refresh Your Skills


Duration: 3 hrs

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Private Skill Builder Refresher Course

Prerequisites: Training Provided on Your Boat
Restrictions: Max of 4 Students
Recommended Age: 10 - Adult

This Skill Builder refresher course is designed for boat owners & enthusiasts who have spent time on a boat, but are looking to regain their edge, or enhance their skills.  You can bring up to 4 people aged 10 and up to this class.

Design your own course, or choose from 4 popular formats below :

  • Boating Basics & Fundamentals
  • Precision Docking & Boat Handling
  • Boat Handling on the Open Water
  • Advanced Maneuvers

You'll Make Boating Fun Again, when you learn the skills every captain needs to run their own ship.

A wise captain once quipped, "Its cheaper to learn how to do it right the first time, instead of paying to repair the damage to someone else's boat"

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Based in South Carolina