Duration : 3 Days

Bareboat Cruising

With the completion of this course, students receive the U.S. Sailing Bareboat Cruising certification and have the ability to exercise the decision-making skills required of every cruising captain. The class is structured with the charterer in mind, providing helpful tips in planning bareboat vacations. Charter companies around the world recognize U.S. Sailing certification as a qualification to lease their boats.

Ocean Sailing Academy teaches Bareboat Cruising with up to six students per instructor, guaranteeing students a high level of personalized attention.

Certified Sailing Courses

Duration: 3-Day Bareboat Cruising Prep
Prerequisites: Basic Cruising knowledge and skill level required
Available Certifications: Bareboat Cruising

sailing certification

This is the final course skippers need in order to apply for their IPC and enjoy extended bareboat vacations with family and friends. Upon completion of this certification, sailors are competent in their ability to exercise the decision-making skills required for any cruising expedition. Students practice creating a charter plan using enhanced navigation and piloting using electronic fixing devices and plotting positions. Performance checks and preparation handling will also be presented and skippers will learn weather forecasting, extreme sailing, and reefing procedures for foul weather events. Safety equipment, anchoring, and essential systems - fresh water, sanitation, and bilge systems - will be reviewed in this course as well.

Join us for our Bareboat Cruising course and gain the knowledge and skill necessary to enjoy Bareboat charters with family and friends!

*Upon completion of Bareboat Cruising, the student is eligible to receive the U.S. Sailing Bareboat Cruising Certification and apply for an International Proficiency Certification (IPC). To learn more about U.S. Sailings Requirements, please click here.


Bareboat Cruising will entail:

  • Sail Planning: Weather forecasting for a charter and creating a charter plan accordingly.
  • Performing checks and preparation required for safety equipment, engine fluids and parts, bilge systems, fresh water systems, electrical systems, head systems, hatches, ports, tools and spare parts. Proper inventory of sails, charts, guides and provisioning supplies. Students develop a provisioning list on the first day of class in accordance with individual needs.
  • Navigation and Piloting: Proper use of electronic fixing devices for charting and plotting positions. The use of sight bearings to confirm electronic fixing information. Fine-tuning skills and knowledge surrounding inland/international navigation rules, practical VHF communication and making landfall in unfamiliar waters.
  • Heavy Weather Sailing: Executing reefing procedures with proper crew coordination as well as preferred storm tactics for foul weather events.
  • Advanced use of visual weather observations.
  • Overboard Recovery Methods: Single-handed recovery skills and proper decision-making processes for recovery under severe weather conditions.
  • Anchoring Techniques: Advanced anchoring in a variety of environments including overnight stays on anchor with multiple current and wind direction changes.

Join us for our Bareboat Cruising course and gain the knowledge and skill necessary to enjoy extended Bareboat charters with family and friends!